Visiting Marrakech


Imagine! Jump on a plane and in just three and a half hours from the UK you enter another world. Marrakech is that other place, an exotic maze of new and old sitting comfortably side by side. The old City known as the Medina is a cacophony of sights and sounds with its minarets, honeycombed alleys and labyrinthine souks, Marrakech feeds the senses and captures the imagination like no other city.images (5)

The smell of spices in the air, brightly coloured carpets hanging from roofs, the tiny passages where tradesmen ply various crafts, from cloth dying, copper beating, and leather working to herbalists, perfumers and slipper makers are the essence of the magic that is Marrakech.

Leave to hustle and bustle of the medina to enter the new City built by the French during their occupation of the Kingdom between 1926 and 1957. The new colonial rulers preferred to live away from the native quarters and so built their own new town of broad avenues, villas and parks. Over time, and particularly when the French retreated, Moroccans aspiring for a better lifestyle moved out into this new town, lured by serviceable plumbing, electricity and cars. Now known as Guéliz, a corruption of the French word église, the new City has images (6)streets are lined with plenty of fine restaurants, some good shopping options and a  nightlife culture.

With the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains as a backdrop, and framed by the red desert, images (7)Marrakech is unique in that it is a city that time seems to have forgotten and yet a few steps away the chic sophisticated life style beckons available but within half an hour the splendours of untouched mountain ranges lift the soul. Travel a little further and experience the quiet solitude of the Sahara with its brick red sand dunes and you will understand why Marrakesh is known as the ‘red city’ and ‘the daughter of the desert’.


Come and join us in Marrakech!