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We would like to welcome you as members of the ABA and would hope that our dynamic profile is irresistible! However, we recognise that you would want something more tangible to identify with before you join our group.

Living and running a business in the city can pose many problems and our experience is that shared experience helps individuals navigate through the administrative and business systems. Further, when real difficulties occur, our support can be invaluable in terms of seeking a solution. Remember there is strength in numbers but only when that group is committed to the common good and not in self interest. We commit ourselves, at the BBG, to serving the common good in that we support a strong British presence in the city working with and alongside the Moroccan people to the benefit of us all.

Ten good reasons to join the BBG:

1. To share experiences and information.

2. To feel supported by a community.

3. To meet like minded people.

4. To become involved in Moroccan Culture through our Charities.

5. To give access to business related courses for staff employed by members.

6. Discounts on lectures and training events, keep abreast of changes in the law and taxation.

7. Invitations to interesting and fun cultural events and activities.

8. Discounts at local restaurants and bars.

9.  Guarantee of support if a victim of crime.

10. Last but not least, free advertising on our website and official approval if standards are met!


Come on in and join us today!

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