John Stobbart

john-stobbart-treasurerJohn is one of the founding members of the BBGM and has been constant in his support of the Association. He has been the Association’s treasurer since its inception.

John is a Chartered Accountant who now has his own practice in Marrakech. His skills, calm manner and measured approach underpin all that is carried out in the name of the BBG here in Marrakech. Previously, John lived in France for 25 years before moving to Casablanca with his wife, Soledad, in 1997 where he was appointed the audit manager with Deloitte Touche one of the big four accounting firms. Later, later John joined CNIA Saada a major insurance group in Morocco as Finance Director with the challenge of guiding the group successfully through millennium 2000.

It is no easy task to keep abreast of all the financial regulations here in Morocco and John’s ongoing commitment to research financial legislative arrangements in Morocco make life a little easier for all our members.  Solidad was born in France so it is necessary that John is a fluent French speaker!