Aims and Objectives

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We aim:

To represent promote and support mutual co-operation between the diverse Anglo business community, the people of Marrakech and the Moroccan administrative bodies:

To assist, advise and be a point of contact for British people investing or moving to Marrakech to live:

To encourage English speaking visitors to Marrakech; and

to support them during their stay by endeavouring to provide holidays that meet and/or excel their expectations: 

To reassure potential clients of any Anglo business, that we apply the same ethical and professional standards that they would expect to find in Britain.

With the objective of:

Being seen as a serious professional aspirational group that members, sponsors and partners are proud to be a part of:

To continue to enhance the image of Marrakech in the UK and abroad:

To be a support network through the following:

      –  Provide links to Moroccan authorities and businesses

      –  Share knowledge, provide social and cultural events to members

      –  Promote our businesses and community

      –  Provide links with our partners and sponsors

     –   Provide a directory of helpful contacts in Marrakech

     –  To work together with the Moroccan authorities for our mutual benefit  

     –  To support the Green Movement in Marrakech.

    –   To be involved in local named charitable organisations, whenever possible.